The Series of HaloEdit

The game known as Halo has been around since 2001, is now one of the biggest games for the Xbox and Xbox 360. Starting with Halo: Combat Evolved, Bungie (the creators) along with microsoft worked to imp
Halo ring
rove this game and get the gamer lost in this new and exciting story. As the game sold, they produced Halo 2 as well as Halo 3 which now have a multiplayer option. This gives them the ability to go online and play competitively against other players. After Halo 3, Bungie produced side games, that would explain the story more indepth. First they started with Halo Wars, then Halo ODST. The most recent Halo is Halo Reach. This game is one of the bigger games in the Halo Series. Reach took the story back to its roots, and gave the gamer an idea of what happened before the main story. And if you want more, Microsoft and Bungie are coming out with Halo 4 sometime in the 4th quarter of 2012.

Halo: Combat EvolvedEdit

The main Character, the person you play as, Is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, better known as Master Chief. In the game, the characters only refer to him as Master Chief to give the gamer the idea that they are Master Chief and that they are killing aliens. The story takes place after the Halo: Reach saga, and starts you on the ship with Captain Keys. As he sends you on missions, you gain experience and get progressivley better at the game. In the end, Keys dies and you move on. I wont be a complete spoiler.


Halo 2Edit

This game was the next step in the gaming world. With Halo 2 came one of the biggest online gaming games created. Through the next chapter in the Halo saga, you play as both Master Chief as well as The arbiter. Through these characters you are able to see both sides of the war that betwixt them lay. But going back to the multiplayer, this game took online play to the next level. Rooms were set up where you could have 4 vs 4 or even 8 vs 8. People were in awe about this. It was a new and amazing thing and everyone wanted to play.


Halo 3Edit

So after Halo 2, Microsoft decided to end the series of Master Chief with this game. But was it the end? The story picks up after Master Chief and the Arbiter are taken captive. You wake up, and the fight starts. Fightng through the flood, and covanent, you find yourself destroying the flood and barely escaping. Then you see your ship cut in half. Now this game broke the previous record held by Halo 2 in copies sold. The online multiplayer again was just phenominal and made the experience even better.